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"This is a long process, difficult," Mostart said. "But ultimately, we can sit down and communicate, can stay here is fortunate. No matter how progress, this is one of the things I know will have good results. I know that everything will be fine, no matter how I will eventually be 49 People players. "

Petrman was cut off by Bill more than a month, then his pass holder scored at least the quarter of the four-point guard bottom (30.7). He fought four games this year, and two of them were first, and 81 passes were completed 44 times, reached once, and were copied 7 times. He has passed around 130 times, and it is copied 12 times, and the average 10.8 times will be copied once. It can be said that it is a tragic abnormality.

Saint Boss Gaier - Ben Sen new crown detection positive
On Friday, US Time, according to Saint Spokesman Greg Bensel, New Orleans Saint, New Orleans Gayle Benson new crown detection positive. At present, her recovery is good, and every day is improved.

In the team at 17-24, in the Houston Texas people, Rewick is in the brain shock, Razashton.com and it is still not known to be in this week with Miami dolphins. Bauers said: "At any time, can players who have encountered brain volatile to play in the next game, the situation is negative. Some players recover speed faster, let us see what will happen."

Ben Sen is 73 years old. It has confirmed infection in the past few weeks, which has previously participated in the training camp. At present, the saints have only three players to test the false positive. In order to create a space separation space for Saint players, Ben Sen leases the four-storey floor of the local Los Hotel, about 150-180 people will stay here.

3 wins and 6 losses Jacksonville America Tiger this year's record is good. Last year's exploratic show mainly quad-bibbrek & Bull; Bortes played stable this season, although the four branch is only poor 81.0, but the score of 2381 yards has been able to have a shoulder (two data is higher than PM Point & hellip;); although there were 19 times to reach, but there were 11 cases of copying, which also shows that Burtes is a four-point guard in the advantages and disadvantages. This year, the two-round rookie run guard this year, this year, this year, this year, a big surprise this year, I have already won 531 yards in the 8 games, although there is only one reach, but this grade is for a new show. It is quite good. The biggest attack weapon this year is two "Allen" & mdash; Allen & Bull; Robinson and Allen & Bull; Herns, the former won 758 yards and 7 times, the latter also has 697 yards and 7 times Enter. Although Herns may absence this game because of injury, the two professional bowls are close to the end of Julies & Bull; Thomas will fill the blank of Herns absent, and become another trusted red zone of the American tiger. The two lines of the Jenan Tiger Tel Wen & Bull; Smith and Paul & Bull; Perthus will continue to take all the defensive defensive defensive defensive defensive.

Previously, Reway was just a game because of the brain shock, it was the second week in the 2012 season. It is worth mentioning that Levis returned after a week, Diren crossed ligament injury in front of the knee, directly leading to him from the jet. If Reewis is absent, Marcus Williams will replace his position.

Rewick or will stop the brain
Darrelle Revis has just experienced the worst competition in his career. The union is not single, the best corner of the alliance may also absent the next week. Local time Monday, New York Jets Todd Bowles frankly, Rewick's situation did not improve.

Ben Sale said in the statement: "She did not stay in hospital, currently resting at home. & Hellip; & hellip; Ben Sen Mrs. Every day, the Saint Saints is talking to the donkey staff, nor does it missed the NBA or NFL team boss conference "

2 wins and 7-negative Tennesi Titan Although there are this year's gaze, Muro, Mario Tower, but due to lack of more offensive weapons, their performance is still poor. Lot Lodge Mucus & Bull; Maryta although the battle is very large, he has also become struggling due to injuries. But the two games of Titan winning this season, the play of Mario Tower is quite well. The 795 yards of the 7 games has been qualified, and his future is worthy of the alliance. Titan's pavement offensive means relatively poor, the team's current main runs to defend Antonio & Bull; Andrews currently only won 298 yards. The team is currently the most trustworthy team, who is near-end Edlanier & Bull; Walker, currently only 508 yards and 3 times. If the league offensive ranks the third Titan wants to take a victory in Jacksonville, then Mario Tower needs to activate all the offensive weapons around you. Otherwise, the tragedy of smart women will be staged again.

On Thursday Night Prospect: Titan @ 美洲
The regular season finally entered the 11th week, this week's Thursday night game will be carried out between the two weakened tour of Titan and Jacksonville Tiger in the United States of America. This year, the list of drafts will be the first to compete with the exploration of the show last year!